Introducing a new book “Bucket Town: Woodenware and Wooden Toys of Hingham, 1635-1945” being published by the Hingham Historical Commission

The Tower Genealogical Society, Inc., is happy to introduce to all interested parties, a new book titled "Bucket Town: Woodenware and Wooden Toys of Hingham, 1635-1945" to be published by the Hingham Historical Commission. The book is authored by Derin Bray, and in it the Tower family is mentioned numerous times.

Recently, Tom Wilson the Chair of the Hingham Historical Commission contacted us the share the news. He said, "We are reaching out to several of the old Hingham families because of the interest they may have in purchasing a copy of the book and hopefully, donate to our publishing fundraising effort".

The Hingham Journal has published several articles on the book recently. Some of you might recall that a few years ago, just as the project was getting underway, we were contacted by Peter Hersey of Hingham, MA., regarding the project, and good deal of interest was generated at the time.

I am providing you a few links below that will lead you to additional information regarding the Commission, the Bucket Town Project and the book: "Bucket Town: Woodenware and Wooden Toys of Hingham, 1635-1945". I hope that you find the information as interesting and intriguing as I did.>

Janine Battistone, Tower Genealogical Society, Inc., Vice President and WebMaster.

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