Welcome to the official Website of The Tower Genealogical Society, Inc.

The Tower Genealogical Society, Inc., is focused on the genealogical research of John Tower(1) and his wife Margaret (Ibrook), and their descendants.

John Tower (1), was born in the parish of Hingham, county of Norfolk, in the eastern part of England, on then 14th day of May in the year of 1609.

John Tower (1), with his friend and companion Samuel Lincoln, came together from Old Hingham, England and settled in (New) Hingham, Massachusetts, in the year 1637.

John Tower(1) married Margaret Ibrook, February 13, 1638-9, in Charlestown, Mass. Their union resulted in the birth of ten children: John(2), Jonathan, Ibrook, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah, Benjamin, Jemima, Samuel.

The photo supplied above, is just a small sampling of The Tower Genealogical Society, Inc., members, that gathered in Hingham, Massachusetts for The Tower Genealogical Society, Inc., 2009 national reunion. What a bunch of happy faces … what a bunch of Tower relatives! We come from all walks of life, and from coast to coast of the USA and Canada.

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