Tower Genealogical Society, Inc. General News

The long awaited and anticipated Tower Talk Fall 2019 issue of TGS newsletter was mailed to all TGS members the end of September 2019.  The next issue is already in the works.

TGS needs members/volunteers to fill vacant board member slots within the organization. We are so ever grateful for the few members that  have stepped forward and volunteered.  More members -volunteers are needed, do you have skills or talents that would be helpful to TGS?  Please consider volunteering….

Members are encouraged and welcome send us contributions for the TGS newsletter or website.  Include any stories, articles, pictures, reunion, birth or marriage notices and even death information.

For any questions regarding volunteer/board member positions or submission to the newsletter please contact any of the listed TGS Officers or board members.

For submission to the website please contact: Janine.  Thank you for your attention to this matter!

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One Member’s Story

I happened to make my Tower Family connection, somewhere about 2001. As I started researching my paternal grandmother (Laura Josephine Tower), little did I know what I was about to discover about her ancestors.

There was a quite a mass of Tower genealogical information already available online. But, I wasn’t able to make that direct connection with what little information I had on her.

However, I uncovered a phone number and contact information for the TGS, Inc. then president Lester Tower.
So, I took a chance and placed phone call to him. I felt a bit foolish asking him, are you related?
Without hesitation he said yes! You are related, and I know who your are, AND there are other Tower relatives living in your area! WOW!
Then he put me in touch with multitudes of newly realized relatives. They shared with me loads of compiled data, memories and information on my family line, all the way back to John Tower (1), born in 1609.
I am forever grateful to those fellow Tower relatives who so freely shared the Tower photos, information and data with me.

This family tree is in full bloom, busting out with a very heritage, and unique history. Despite my compliments, the complementation of the Tower genealogical data is far from being done. If you recall, John Tower (1) and his wife Margaret Ibrook, had ten children! There is plenty of researching yet to be done, relatives to discover, photos unturned.

And, if I may ask, could it be that you are you related, too? If so, why not consider joining us?! Please see the membership information. I am the current Tower Genealogical wannabe webmaster, Tower Talk editor, TGS Facebook Moderator, Janine Battistone.

If you have any questions, information or ideas related to The Tower Genealogical Society, Inc., than please to feel free to contact me or any of the other Directors of The Tower Genealogical Society.

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All New TGS Website!

There a few people that have made this possible. I want to thank Caltel for website hosting and other technical support, a personal friend for encouragement and support beyond what I could fathom. I take full responsibility for designing and neglecting the older site that had long seen its’ better days. If I had to do it all over again though, I wouldn’t changed a thing, as it has been quite the learning process.

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